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2. New Survey

Select Qlity Survey from menu and select Manage

Use Add button to create new survey

Name - name of the survey, visible in the test

URL Key - Unique part of URL and can be used as a guest access key to the survey

Survey modes

Guests Mode:

No Guests - Only users with valid Esensorics account can access (Most secure)
Allow Guests - allows everybody with the survey URL to participate in the survey
Autologin with guests - survey will by default log in all survey takes as guest users

Use markdown for formatting.

Default mode - defines if the survey starts with sample list or field list. See Survey Modes for more info

Order mode:

Simultaneous - tester can switch between samples or fields during test
Sequential - moving between samples is restricted
On Completion text - Text shown after the test, can include links to other tests

User Fields

Admin can set up questions that will be asked from the tester before the survey (about the test taker)

More about: Fields

Add Samples to survey

Add a sample - Admin can select samples to the survey and set Labels for masking sample names. If Label is not set, sample name is used.
  • Label hides the true Sample name from test taker. Useful for blind testing.
  • True Sample name is stored with the results

Sample list:

Locked sample list - survey has fixed sample list
Unlocked sample list - tester can add samples to the survey from Admin defined list
Unique samples - User can add each sample only once
Preloaded samples - Admin can define which samples are by default loaded to survey (incase of unlocked sample list)

Sample Fields

Controls what questions / fields are in the survey and their order.

More about: Fields

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