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1. Samples

Add Samples

Start by Creating your sample list. Select Samples from menu and Samples from dropdown.

On the samples page, use Add button to add new sample.

Set a Name and Description (optional) to the sample.

Click Save to add sample

Add samples page

 Name:Visible for test takers in survey unless masked later while added to the Survey    
 Sample category:Assigning Samples into categories (for example 'red wine', 'white wine') makes it easier to manage them later. Hidden from test takers.
 Description: Any additional information about the sample. Hidden from test takers.


Batches make it easier to refer to Sample production dates or batch numbers. There is no need to create new Sample for each production run. Just add new batch number, production date or any other text, date or number to refer to different batches.

  • Batch info is not seen by test taker. 
  • Batch info is available in  exported Excel, results page and in reports.
  • Batch is optional, can be none.
Clicking on Batches button  under Samples page opens up pop/up dialog where it is possible to add new batch with Add batch button or delete existing batches with red X button.

Similar menu is available under Manage Survey page. While creating new survey or duplicating existing one, it is important to select appropriate batch or add new one using add batch button:

Samples Archive

If the Sample is not used in Survey's any more, archive the Sample using Archive button. This does not delete the Sample. 
  • Archived samples can be found under Samples > Archived Samples 
  • Archives samples can be un-archived using Unarchive button
  • Archived samples do not show up in the Sample list while adding samples to Surveys (this is exceptionally useful if there is a large number of samples)

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